We've found a great new hobby now that we have a handheld GPS device. We've found a few caches to date and are hooked. On May 26, 2002 we left our first cache near Idyllwild, CA entitled "Snowball Hill". An upcoming geocache we're planning on "planting" is the Kip duPont Tribute Geocache. It's been delayed because we choose the wrong box for it and we're looking for a good spot that is appropriate for a military/aviation type theme. In today's potential terrorism climate in the U.S., we need to be careful not to make it seem suspicious.

5-27-02 - Added Snowball Hill, near Idyllwild, CA.

6-09-02 - Added Mikki's Lagoon, along the Colorado River in Bullhead City, AZ.
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Visit the Geocache website for more info. More info on our caches soon....